AR Awards – Public

The AR Public awards are currently closed for entry

Public space is a stage for human life, a place of democracy and collectivity. Open, accessible and abundant public space is crucial to the civic health of our cities and shared landscapes – a critical communal resource. As these spaces become increasingly threatened in the face of darkening commercial and political forces, the new AR Public awards recognise the importance of creating, rescuing and renovating public spaces.

Possible eligible projects include: town squares, parks, playgrounds, pavements, street furniture, wayfinding, courtyards, public gardens, riversides and waterfronts, harbours, piers, lidos, markets, underpasses, public staircases, bridges, outdoor amphitheatres, public roof terraces, canopies or pavilions, and many more! These kinds of spaces could be part of bigger or broader projects, for example as part of a public building such as museum or urban development such as a housing project.


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