Entry Guidelines

AR Public celebrates excellence in the design of public space, from parks to pools to all the civic structures of the city. Possible eligible projects include: town squares, playgrounds, pavements, street furniture, wayfinding, courtyards, public gardens, riversides and waterfronts, harbours, piers, lidos, markets, underpasses, public staircases, bridges, outdoor amphitheatres, public roof terraces, canopies or pavilions, and many more! These kinds of spaces could be part of bigger or broader projects, for example as part of a public building such as museum or urban development such as a housing project – please note that judges will be concentrating on the public spaces of the project, so your submission should focus on these rather than the overall project.

All projects must have been completed within the last five years (after January 2019), and should be freely accessible to the public in order to be eligible. There are no restrictions of budget or location.

How to enter

  • Read the entry criteria
  • Register on the entry page
  • You will receive an email, click on the link to validate your account, or add the validation code. You will need to do this before you can complete your entry 
  • Submit your entry via the online entry form. Your entry should consist of:
    • two A2 boards, uploaded as two separate PDF files containing compressed images, and at least one plan and one section of the project – files should not exceed 12Mb and boards need to be anonymous, otherwise they may be disqualified
    • a 200-word summary of your project, written in English 
    • a JPEG image of your project (480x480px) that will be added to the AR Public gallery page

You can view entry board examples of 2022's winner, Public condenser in Paris, France by Muoto: board 1 and board 2.

  • To submit your entry, agree to the terms and conditions and click complete at the bottom of the page. You can start and save your entry to come back to at any point before the deadline. If you forget your password, please use the reset password link on the login page

Deadlines and prices

Entry deadline: 22 March 2024 – £399 + VAT 

Use of images for promotional material

The Architectural Review reserves the right to make use of images of winning projects (both in print and digital media) for promotional material and editorial use in connection with the award. For instance, this might include publicising an exhibition (of winning entries), a lecture series (featuring the winning architects), or promoting the award itself. Use of material in this capacity either in whole or part will not attract payment of copyright. Where we are made aware of their names, photographers will be credited.